MMC Sperm
Automated software for sperm quality analysis

MMC Sperm — automated software for sperm quality analysis

Sperm quality analysis software

Sperm analyzer MMC Sperm is an automated software for the analysis of sperm quality in accordance with the parameters recommended by WHO (World Health Organization).

This software product is a specialized version of the MultiMedia Catalog software with the addition of methods for automating the collection of spermograms.

Tasks that MMC Sperm solves

  • Creating a patient database
    With test results, video clips of moving spermatozoa and images of stained slides
  • Automatic analysis of sperm motility concentration
    Analysis on native drugs in accordance with WHO recommendations
  • Automatic analysis of sperm morphology
    Analysis on stained slides according to strict Kruger criteria
  • Cell concentration assessment
    Counting of leukocytes, spermatogenesis cells, round cells, etc.
  • Sperm vitality assessment
    Conducting analyzes to assess the viability of spermatozoa
  • Assessment of DNA fragmentation
    SCD (Sperm Chromatin Dispersion) analysis, sperm chromatin dispersion
  • Taking manual measurements
    Ability to carry out manual measurements to solve individual problems
  • Printing informative and presentable spermograms
    Spermograms containing images and other information in the form that is most convenient for you and the patient

MMC Sperm for labs

  • Convenient operation with a video camera instead of a microscope eyepiece
    Working with a digital video camera is much more convenient than looking through the eyepieces of a microscope, which also harms your eyesight.
  • Analysis of the movement of spermatozoa, not limited to the lifetime of spermatozoa
    It is possible to record video clips of moving spermatozoa without being limited by the lifetime of the spermatozoa, and without fear of distorting the results from long-term storage of the drug.
  • High accuracy of morphology analysis
    Increases the accuracy of sperm morphology analysis, as the program evaluates each captured cell.
  • Exclusion of the "human factor" in the results of analyzes
    Evaluation of the shape of the sperm head according to objective quantitative data: length, width, area, shape factor. Evaluation of sperm motility using velocity analysis and the exact trajectory of sperm movement. Manual adjustment is possible.
  • Ease of staff training
    Using a computer sperm analyzer, it is easier to organize training for new staff and monitor the results of work.
  • Protection against accidental deletion of information
    If you work on the same computer, your data will be protected by the two-step record deletion system in the MultiMedia Catalog program
  • Fast and error-free entry of information
    The correct choice of field types in the database allows you to avoid typos. Fields with drop-down lists will help you quickly and without errors fill the database with repetitive information
  • Clear and informative spermograms for patients
    Your patients will appreciate informative spermograms with explanations, reference values, images, etc.

Applications of MMC Sperm

  • Human reproduction clinics

    Preliminary analysis before the appointment of intrauterine insemination, IVF (in vitro fertilization)

  • Andrological, urological laboratories

  • Veterinary, animal husbandry, fish farming

    Evaluation of the quality of seed material and calculation of doses for artificial insemination.

  • Research institutes


MMC Sperm for distributors

By becoming our distributor, you will be able to take advantage of all the benefits of a system integrator. As a team of professional software developers, we never consider a project to be finished and are always ready to listen to your suggestions for software improvements.

  • Wide range of equipment

    Offer the customer appropriate microscopes and other equipment to fully support your customer's work.

  • Best prices

    We are always ready to share information, where and what to buy at the best prices.

  • Customer support and training

    We are ready to provide any advice on creating a full-fledged computerized sperm analyzer and offer full customer support, including system installation and training.

Using MMC Sperm for sperm motility analysis
Concentration and motility analysis are performed on video clips (captured in computer memory or recorded on a hard drive). The analysis algorithm is built taking into account the requirements of the WHO laboratory manual for the examination and processing of human semen (5th edition 2010).
MMC Sperm

Sperm motility analysis

MMC Sperm
Sperm motility analysis
Sperm morphology
The morphology of the sperm head is an important criterion for making a correct diagnosis. The software is configured to analyze images of Diff-Quik-stained slides according to strict Kruger criteria.

We focus on the Diff-Quik stain as it is a common and inexpensive method for rapid staining of spermatozoa. According to the Diff-Quik method, the head of the spermatozoon is stained dark blue with a transition to light blue in the acrosome zone. This coloring option allows for an accurate analysis of the image of the head.
Veterinary and livestock breeding
The MMC Sperm sperm quality analyzer is successfully used in veterinary medicine, livestock breeding, fish farming, beekeeping, zoos to analyze sperm quality and automatically calculate the number of doses for artificial insemination that can be obtained from an existing semen sample. In the video you can see an example of using the MMC Sperm kit with a digital camera.

Detailed description in the article - Evaluation of the motility of sturgeon spermatozoa in aquaculture , Belarusian State Agricultural Academy
MMC Sperm

Sperm motility analysis: Lena sturgeon

Analysis results (spermogram) can be printed based on custom RTF (reach text format) templates. The spermogram is filled in automatically in accordance with the settings specified by the user in the database.

The following options are available:
  • data grouping,
  • changing the display order,
  • disabled output of base fields (fields for official use), images, etc.
The spermogram template can be modified using any text editor that supports the RTF format. If you have special requests, we can help you customize the printing of the spermogram.

Computer sperm analyzer

A computer sperm analyzer consists of a personal computer with software for semen analysis, a microscope with a camera and a special reusable counting chamber for assessing sperm motility or a disposable counting glass .

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