MMC Multimeter

Universal microscope software for microscopy, machine vision and quality control

MMC Multimeter — universal microscope software for microscopy, machine vision and quality control

Automatic object detection, classification and statistical treatment of series of images

MMC MultiMeter comprises all the functions of the MultiMedia Catalog database with additional set of tools for image analysis.

MMC MultiMeter can be applied in medicine (histology, cytology), life science, material science (particle analysis, phase analysis), food industry, production quality control etc.

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Main features
Image segmentation by brightness and color
Morphological operations
with object masks
Automated measurement
of a number of parameters like form, dimensions, optical features
Automatic classification
by a parameter or by manually defined classes
Classifier training
by objects
Video file analysis
Object detection (segmentation, binarization)
We have implemented two tools for object detection:
  • a simple one where you point to the image areas that belong to the objects of your microscopic analysis
  • an enhanced tool for image segmentation based on both color and greyscale levels.
Image #1 - source image, # 2 - image with object masks, #3 - results of statistical treatment .

If objects of microscopic analysis are not particles of various shapes but extended areas of the image with large area and complex shapes and types of objects are known in advance (e.g., rock structure components in geology, stained tissue areas in histology), MMC MultiMeter offers special mode uniting detection and classification - phase analysis. The user provides the number and names of classes and assigns detected image areas to object classes. There is also a tool for applications like NCR (nuclear-cell ratio, object inside another object).

Some tasks require restriction of the area in which the analysis is being performed. E.g., estimation of growth of bacteria colonies respective to Petri dish in which they are placed. MMC MultiMeter provides a frame drawing tool to define the image segmentation area. Furthermore, complex areas selected with object detection tool can be used as multiple frame.

MMC Multimeter applications

  • Analyzes using light microscopy

    Analyzes using light microscopy related to the measurement of morphological or optical parameters of objects in the field of medicine, biology, geology and materials science.

  • Image/video research

    Scientific research related to obtaining and processing images or videos from a microscope.

  • Macro analysis

    Any kind of analysis of images obtained by any method of macro photography.

  • Machine vision systems

    Working with machine vision and quality control systems in production.

  • Databases with accompanying information

    Filling and maintaining databases of images with a variety of accompanying information.

  • Photo archives, file cabinets, catalogs of scanned images

    Using MMC MultiMeter as a photo archive, file cabinet and catalog of scanned images.

The software provides special tool for estimation of concentration of objects in the specimen:

  • Calculation of volume concentration and weight concentration per volume units.
  • Assigning counting chamber depth.
  • Considering dilution factor.
  • Considering medium density and object density.
  • Calculation result in chosen units of measure (grams per kilogram, grams per ton) is automatically sent to a reserved database field.
Object classification
Two types of classifiers are implemented in MMC MultiMeter:
  1. classification based on known class limits. The user chooses required parameters and inputs the values dividing the classes. This type of classifier can be trained by assigning classes to objects on image.
  2. statistical classifier. If a statistical classifier is used, the software utilizes mean values of the selected parameters and their dispersion. This type of classifier can be trained by leaving only objects of certain class on one image or based on statistical data from a series of images of one object class.

Particle Size Analysis

There is a special mode in our software for different types of particle size tests with wide size ranges, which require using two magnifications.
Example object classification
On the left is an image of blood cells before applying the classifier. On the right is an image of already classified blood cells into erythrocytes and platelets.
Measurements and analysis on video
MMC MultiMeter software for microscope can work with images as well as make measurements of different parameters on videos.

One of the tasks for medical microscopy consists in determination of beat frequency of respiratory cilia in ciliated epithelium (image #1-3). Normally, cilia beat in a coordinated manner with a specific frequency range, which results in effective clearing of mucus and debris from the airways. Ineffective movement disturbs mucociliary clearance and leads to ciliary dyskinesia. It can be the cause of sinusitis, recurrent chest infections.

For diagnosis of ciliary dyskinesia with MMC MultiMeter, a video of beating cilia is recorded at the frame rate sufficient for the analysis (maximum frequency that could be measured equals half of the camera frame rate). At the first video frame, measurement markers are set in the required area (at the edge of the front of beating cilia). The software detects brightness fluctuations caused by beating cilia entering and leaving the marker, and classifies the objects according to class limits set in the classifier. Sufficient Time of video recording and measurement precision can be controlled on brightness fluctuation graphs, which are automatically generated for every marker.

The same tool can be effectively used for estimation of the frequency of any processes of technological or biological origin.
MMC Multimeter
Diagnosis of ciliary dyskinesia
Diagnosis of genetic diseases

Diagnosis of ciliary dyskinesia using MMC MultiMeter is carried out in the Children's City Multidisciplinary Clinical Center for High Medical Technologies named after. K. A. Raukhfus and at the Research Institute in St. Petersburg, at the First Moscow State Medical University. I. M. Sechenov, Moscow.
At the First Moscow State Medical University. I. M. Sechenov on the materials obtained with the help of our program, the dissertation of I. V. Ozerskaya was defended.

Dissertation link:
Morpho-functional state of the ciliary epithelium of the upper respiratory tract in children with bronchial asthma in combination with allergic rhinitis .


The software allows you to process a series of images and display the results with diagrams, graphs of dependence of parameters on each other, as well as send any results to the numerical fields of the base specified when establishing interaction with the base. Images with charts and graphs can be used in reports.

Camera and software kits
MMC MultiMeter is a flexible research image analysis tool that can be used with any professional microscope camera. We recommend that you contact us with a description of your task, we will select the best camera + software package.

Our cameras with direct drivers in combination with MMC MultiMeter provide an interesting alternative to expensive branded kits from Zeiss, Olympus, Nikon, Leica.
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