MultiMedia Catalog
Database for storing, analyzing and measuring images and videos

MultiMedia Catalog — database for storing, analyzing and measuring images and videos

Database for images, videos, related information and related files
  • Database for science

    The program is very well suited for organizing images, videos and other data in scientific research.

  • The MultiMedia Catalog software is supplied with our microscope cameras

    Our other specialized programs are built on the basis of MMC: the MMC MultiMeter microscope program, the MMC Sperm sperm quality analysis program, etc. They also have access to the functions of analysis, measurement and image and video processing, as in MMC.

  • Equipment

    The MultiMedia Catalog software is supplied with our microscope cameras.

Main features of MultiMedia Catalog

  • Storage of an arbitrary number of images, video files and documents
  • Automatic division of all imported images into separate records by series
  • Measurements on live video and images
  • Quick search for a record in any text field
  • Easy filter shaping
    with sets of criteria for searching by several conditions
  • Image analysis by measuring any angular and linear values ​​(radius, diameter, etc.)
  • Tool for quickly filling fields with ready-made blocks of text
  • Printing reports
  • Possibility of using one database of images in the network by several users

Examples of using the MultiMedia Catalog software

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