Digital microscopy for your laboratory

Equip microscopes with digital cameras and software for organizing and analyzing images and videos from microscopes
Our products
  • MultiMedia Catalog
    Database for storing, analyzing and measuring images and videos
  • MMC MultiMeter
    Program for analyzing live video from the camera and images
  • MMC Sperm
    Automated software for semen quality analysis
    FISH Method Automation Software — Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization
  • Customer support throughout the use of the product
  • Implementation of new functionality according to your wishes
  • Modern microscopes and equipment
  • Diverse functionality at lower prices
Where our software is used
Our products solve various kinds of microscopy tasks that require the measurement of dimensions, optical and other parameters of objects, their dependencies and static processing.
Programs solve various problems in biology. For example, the study of bacterial colonies in a Petri dish, measuring the size and color of yeast and classifying it into live and dead, etc.
Various tasks related to the analysis, classification, segmentation of objects in images and videos. Storage and classification of photos and videos in the database.
where image or video analysis is needed
It is used in many areas of medicine: andrology, dentistry, gynecology, hematology, cytology, pathophysiology, pathoanatomy, etc.
Materials science
Problems of materials science, for example, determination of microhardness by the method of reconstructed imprint according to National State Standard
Our software is registered in the Unified Register of Russian Programs for Electronic Computers and Databases under the number 4347
We develop software for complex tasks in microscopy.

MMCSoft is a group of professional developers of hardware and software systems for image analysis, bringing together people with extensive experience in this particular field.

Our goal is to provide the best and most user-friendly solution to problems related to image analysis and favorable terms of cooperation for our distributors. To do this, we have assembled a team of professionals who are in love with this creative business - the creation of image processing algorithms.
We are MMCSoft
years of work in the international market
countries where the software from MMCSoft works
satisfied customers around the world
A large number of functional solutions
MMC Soft - solutions to many problems of image and video analysis: classification
Solutions to many problems of image and video analysis
MMCSoft offers solutions for a wide variety of tasks in the field of microscopy. Measurement of objects on images or video, their analysis, segmentation are possible. Also classification according to various criteria, measurement of optical parameters and statistical processing.
Convenient systematization of information
MMCSoft products implement a convenient approach to organizing information. It is not difficult to store and find any information about the patient. Patient data is stored in the database in individual cards. The search is carried out on any text field recorded in the card.
MMC Soft - convenient systematization of information
MMC Soft - quality equipment from leading manufacturers
Quality equipment from leading manufacturers
MMCSoft also carefully selects the most appropriate equipment (cameras, microscopes, etc.) for specific tasks. We present a line of digital cameras for microscopy, supplied with our software for a comprehensive solution to a wide range of laboratory and research applications.
Informative and print-ready reports
MMC Soft software provides the ability to generate presentable informative reports. The program database stores records of all patients, which can be used to compile a report with the necessary data.
MMC Soft - informative and print-ready reports for patients

Certificate of conformity and registration certificate

Certificate of state registration of our software and certification as software for measuring instruments.
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