For the purpose of sperm concentration and motility analysis, special sperm counting chambers with fixed depth should be used. The main task of such chambers is to provide standard volume for estimation of sperm concentration. Furthermore, theses chambers allow for even distribution of spermatozoa in one focal plane without disturbing their free movement. This is very important both for manual sperm count as well as for the use with computer assisted sperm analysis systems like MMC Sperm analyzer. Therefore, a special sperm counting chamber is a required part of a computer aided sperm analyzer. Sperm counting chambers are also used for manual estimation of sperm concentration and are helpful in assessment of sperm motility to some extent (precise differential analysis of sperm movement is only possible with MMC Sperm analysis system). We offer a handy and cost-effective alternative to well-known Makler counting chamber which can be widely applied in andrology clinics, human reproduction, in vitro fertilization and extra corporal insemination clinics, as well as biological research institutions. In short, in any clinic or laboratory where spermiological examination (spermiogram) is required.  
MMC-SK Sperm Counting Chamber
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  • Chamber base is made of quality glass carefully polished. A color glass plate with a hole is fixed on the chamber base with a transparent glass disc inside, 10 micron lower than the plate surface. When the upper part of the device is covered with a covering glass, a 10 micron chamber of constant depth is ready.
  • On the glass disc which makes the bottom of the chamber, a grid is etched with 0.01mm x 0.01mm squares. The number of spermatozoa in any strip of 10 squares of the grid equals the number of sperms in millions per milliliter.
  • Standard cover-glasses for microscope slides are used.
  • A drop of undiluted semen is placed in the center of the chamber and covered with the cover-glass. The excess of semen fluid flows down into the gap between bottom glass disc and upper color glass plate.
  • The chamber is used for assessment of concentration of sperm cells or other microorganisms in biological fluids. Percentage of progressively motile sperms can also be roughly estimated (for precise sperm motility assessment use MMC Sperm computer assisted sperm analyzer).


  • MMC-SK is significantly cheaper than Makler counting chamber and its analogues.
  • Sperm count is performed using native ejaculate - undiluted semen.
  • Convenient rectangular form of the base unit: there is no need in additional holders, standard microscope stage holders are used.
  • Spermatozoa move freely and can be observed in one focal plane for convenient focus adjustment.
  • The analysis can be started immediately. As opposed to chambers and counting slides which are filled by capillary forces, there is no need in waiting for the sperm cells to distribute evenly in the chamber. MMC-SK is not subject to Segre-Silberberg effect (constant underestimation of the sperm concentration due to uneven distribution in capillary filled devices).
  • The etched grid is wear-resistant and the chamber can be subject to chemical sterilization. However, heating of more than 100°C is not allowed!
  • Standard microscope slide covering glasses are used. It sometimes occurs that the covering glass is being broken by the microscope lens. With Makler counting chamber it makes a real problem: you need to order expensive replacement glass and wait for delivery while stopping the work of your laboratory. With MMC-SK, you can use your standard glasses (5 are provided in package).
  • MMC-SK is a reusable chamber. This is cost-effective and allows you to save your money on replaceable chambers to reduce the cost of every sperm analysis.
  • Due to simple construction, the chamber is easy to wash.
  • MMC-SK sperm counting chamber is especially recommended for sperm analysis using phase contrast microscopes. Transparent glass base allows you to adjust phase contrast even with standard working distance condensers.
MMC-SK sperm counting chamber 10 micron depth
MMC-SK sperm counting chamber
MMC-SK 10 micron counting chamber with standard cover-glass
MMC-SPM counting chmaber, sperm concentration assessment
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