MMC MultiMeter is a universal multipurpose package for archiving, processing and analysis of images and video files, storage of accompanying text information and any related documents.

  MMC MultiMeter comprises all the functions of the MultiMedia Catalog database with additional set of tools for image analysis: object detection and classification, statistical treatment of series of images. MMC MultiMeter can be applied in medicine (histology, cytology), life science, material science (particle analysis, phase analysis), food industry, production quality control etc. We can provide complete solution and recommend you a camera from our product line of digital microscope cameras or produce a customized solution for you. Contact us and provide detailed information on your application, we will offer tailored software and hardware solution to your task.  
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  • Image segmentation by brightness and color. Object detection procedure is as easy as clicking in the image to specify required object points. Fine adjustment of detection sensibility to cover most complicated objects.
  • Convenient editor for object correction, separation and manual drawing.
  • Operations with object masks to complete detection: opening, closing mask contours, dilatation and erosion.
  • Automated measurement of a number of parameters like form, dimensions, optical features.
  • Data display on every measured object.
  • Classification: automatic by a parameter or by manually defined classes.
  • Classifier training by manual classification.
  • Statistical treatment and accumulation of measurement results for series of images.
  • Adjustable bar charts and data output on charts.
  • Sending measurement results to database.
  • Saving bar charts as images to database.
  • Sending measurement results to Excel, Word and other application.
  • Print out according to customizable templates.
  • Simple visual set up of analysis algorithms for easy automation of image analysis.
  • We offer MMC MultiMeter with our digital microscope cameras which are controlled by embedded direct drivers.
  MMMC MultiMeter Object Contours  
  • MMC-31C12-M 3 Mp color CMOS camera is the most universal solution for any laboratory tasks in histology, cytology, geology, materials science where assessment of morphological or optical parameters of objects is necessary. Suitable for both high resolution still images and high fps video clips recording.
  • MMC-13M-M 1.3 Mp monochrome CMOS camera with 25 fps at full resolution is the best solution for analysis of moving or live objects.
  • MMC-50M-M/MMC-50C-M monochrome and color 5 Mp CMOS cameras for precise details under lower magnification.
  • MMC-60M-C/MMC-60C-C monochrome and color 6 Mp CMOS cameras with largest 1" sensor in our line for largest field of view and most precise details.
  • MMC-14M-S/MMC-14C-S monochrome and color 1.4 Mp CCD cameras for fluorescence imaging, demanding scientific research under low light conditions.
  MMMC MultiMeter Statistics  
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