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  MultiMedia Catalog FISH (MMC FISH) is a dedicated software for automation of FISH (Fluorescence in situ Hybridization) technique. FISH is a cytogenetic technique used to detect and localize the presence or absence of specific DNA sequences on chromosomes. FISH uses fluorescent probes that bind to only those parts of the chromosome with which they show a high degree of sequence similarity. MMC FISH is based on our MultiMedia Catalog software specially adjusted for convenient work with FISH technique.  


  • Acquisition of grayscale source images using required number of filters with subsequent color-coding, or acquisition of color source images. Customization for different labeling schemes.
  • Storage of source images and resulting image along with any accompanying textual data, images and documents in the built-in MultiMedia Catalog database. You can take the advantage of all the powerful features of MultiMedia Catalog in application to FISH. The database is a perfect tool for archiving of data, analysis results, images, fast and flexible search and spectacular reporting adjusted to your particular needs. Herewith our database can serve the needs of virtually any laboratory or research institution.
  • Correction of shift between source images.
  • Automatic generation of the resulting composed image.
  • A set of image enhancement filters to highlight the labels. The resulting image is rebuilt automatically
  • Manual measurements for special research or other individual tasks.
  We have carefully selected the most suitable very high sensitive CCD image sensor made by Sony and provide digital microscope cameras based on it to be used as a kit with MMC FISH software. MMC-14M-S monochrome camera is recommended for FISH to acquire high quality fluorescence images even under very low light conditions. MMC-14C-S color camera can be used for acquisition of color images.  
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