MMCSoft Digital Camera
MMCSoft represents a line of professional digital video cameras:
  • USB interface to PC.
  • Connection via standard A/mini-B USB cable.
  • Power supply via USB.
  • Fully controlled from any MMCSoft software.
  • Small rugged housing 53x53x38 mm.
  • C-Mount.
  • Manually checked CMOS sensors from best manufacturers.
  • Software+camera kits= your complete image acquisition, analysis and archiving solutions!
  MMCSoft Digital Camera Dimensions
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  Our USB cameras with image sensors based on Complementary Metal–Oxide–Semiconductors (CMOS) can be used in a variety of applications: life science and materials science, machine vision, quality control, education. For our cameras, we use the best image sensors manufactured by Micron Technology (Aptina since 2009).  
Camera Specification
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Image Sensor   1/2" CMOS (Complementary Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor)
Resolution   2048x1536, 12 fps
1024x768, 45 fps
800x600, 60 fps
640x480, 95 fps
512х384, 135 fps
1024х768 (binning), 35 fps
512х384 (binning), 45 fps
Full HD 1920x1080, 17 fps
HD 1280x720, 35 fps
Sensitivity   4,8 V/lux-sec
Pixel Size   3.2х3.2 µm
Dynamic Range   61 dB
Operating Temperature   +10 to +70°C
Power Supply   from USB (+5 V), 1W
Warranty   18 months
Lifetime   ~ 40000 hours
PC Requirements   Intel chipset, Intel Pentium IV processor or higher, 1 Gb RAM, a free USB port. Minimum of other USB devices to implement the full frame rate!
OS Requirements   32/64 Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher
  MMC-31С12-M is based on a sensor by an American company Micron Technology (Aptina с 2009), the world leader in CMOS manufacturing. We utilize Micron's DigitalClarity© advanced noise-reduction technology to acquire low-noise, brilliant, high-resolution color images that rival CCD quality in signal-to-noise ratio and color representation. MMC-31С12-M is our most universal imaging product to be used for any application where a color camera is required. High frame rates also provide for analysis of moving live objects and processes.  
  Camera+MultiMedia Catalog
Camera with MultiMedia Catalog database make a full-fledged workstation for image and video acquisition, archiving and manual measurement (linear and angular) in real units on video and images.
  Camera+MMC MultiMeter
MMC MultiMeter image analyzer equipped with this camera can be used for automatic detection of complicated objects on image, measurement of a group of parameters, classification, statistical treatment of a series of images or video (in medicine: histology, cytology; in materials science: particle analysis, phase analysis etc.)
  Camera+MMC Sperm
Camera with MMC Sperm semen quality analyzer is the basis for computer aided sperm analyzer: assessment of concentration, motility, morphology, printing out spermiogram. Details on advantages of MMC-31С12-M as a part of a sperm analysis system.
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